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College Choice receives a small marketing fee from these schools, which helps make the work that we do possible. We do not accept paid placements for any of our rankings. If you are interested in the more academic side of business studies, you might consider a major in economics. Many majors in economics proceed to graduate studies, but this list focuses on an undergraduate major in economics for its own sake and with a job after graduation in view.

Online education has been growing in quality and popularity. So you should do yourself a favor and consider the flexibility that an online program offers. Our list is based primarily on two factors: cost of attendance and salary upon graduation. We drew our data from publicly available sources such as CNN Money and Payscale.

We encourage you to keep in mind that the average post-graduation salary figures are estimates, and that these numbers can and will fluctuate from year to year. That said, we believe this list offers a valuable guide to finding a school that is both affordable, reputable, and useful for your future. Department of Economics is made up of a team of internationally recognized research faculty. The major is also appealing with an emphasis on not only a strong curriculum, but encouraged involvement in departmental events, lectures, individual research, and community service. Recent graduates from this program have entered top economics PhD programs including MIT, Harvard, and the University of Chicago. Interdisciplinary courses that combine economics with other disciplines in the arts and sciences are also available for economics students.

Economics focuses heavily on research and methodology while providing writing-intensive courses, independent studies, and internships. It provides students with a route to careers in law, government service, business as well as professional economics. Deep analytical foundations are expected, but a variety of electives allows a wide range of knowledge, including but not limited to public sector economics, capital theory, econometrics, international trade and finance, and industrial organization. They have received many grants and awards for their work and research. They provide both a BA and BS in Economics. The bachelor of science degree requires two math courses and an econometrics course that are not required with the bachelor of arts degree.

Economics degrees lead to careers in academe, corporations, government, labor, and regional and urban planning services. An economics degree is considered excellent preparation for law school or pursuing an MBA. The program is based on a scientific approach, with particular emphasis on observations, experiments, and model-testing. Economic Theory, Macroeconomics, International Economics, and Economic Growth and Development. The Department offers an Honors Program that gives students access to professors in small classes and culminates in the writing of a senior thesis.

Although a demanding curriculum, community involvement is encouraged through the Undergraduate Economics Society, and a wide variety of financial aid is available. This class also includes a one-hour weekly discussion section with a teaching assistant. Econ majors can also minor in another field. Departmental honors are determined by a high-quality research paper followed by a discussion with a defense committee. Economics Department complete a double major. Popular majors taken in conjunction with economics are Industrial Engineering, Political Science, History, Mathematics, and Psychology as well as other degrees in the Schools of Communication, Education, Journalism, and Music. Other interdisciplinary major or minors studied in conjunction are International Studies, Mathematical Methods, in the Social Sciences, or Business Institutions.