How i celebrate eid ul fitr essay

Essay on Cultural Festivals in Pakistan as Culture of the nation is the customary esteem of that country. Culture of any country comprehends some spec

Essay on Cultural Festivals in Pakistan as Culture of the nation is the customary esteem of that country. Culture of any country comprehends some specific how i celebrate eid ul fitr essay, virtues and code of conduct that hold bythe nation of that country.

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Each nation has its own society. In the same way being an independent nation, Pakistan, it comprises of very diversified cultures. Pakistani society is a mixture of distinctive areas and tribes, for example, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtun Khan and Balochistan. If we talk about food, lifestyle or clothing, but the culture of Pakistan is of its matchless superiority.

Pakistani nation is very close to its culture and celebrate cultural festivals with great zeal. There are some festivals, which are celebrated nation wise with full unity but if we focus on provinces of Pakistan, every province has its different culture and they celebrate different festivals also. Being an Islamic Republic Nation, religious festivals are celebrate with great fun and enthusiasm. Shawwal of every Islamic month. People celebrate this festival with lot of keenness and joy. Girls wear henna on their hand on chand raat which is the last night of Ramadan.

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People get together for collective prayers in masajids and make sacrifice of  goats, sheep, cows or camels. Their meet is distributed among the family relatives, friends and poors. 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal which is the 3rd month of Islamic Calendar. On this holy day, streets and mosques are decorated and Milads are conducted. On this night, people offer prayersand send sweets and dishes to their relatives and children play with fireworks. The above mentioned festivals are religious festivals.

Some other cultural festivals are also celebrated on the arrival of seasons. Basant is celebrated on the arrival of spring season in the mid of February. Form last few years government has banned this Cultural Festivals in Pakistan due to security and its dangerous and life risk purpose but in few cities of Pakistan people still celebrate this festival. On this day people fly kites, get together for parties, and arrange festive dinners. Some other festivals are celebrated which vary from province to province.