How to use numbers in an essay

Research Fellow, National University of Singapore. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on. Moral restraint, vice and birth control were the primary preventativ

Research Fellow, National University of Singapore. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on. Moral restraint, vice and birth control were the primary preventative checks. Moral restraint how to use numbers in an essay the means by which the higher ranks of humans limited their family size in order not to dissipate their wealth among larger numbers of heirs.

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For the lower ranks of humans, vice and birth control were the means by which their numbers could be limited – but Malthus believed that these were insufficient to limit the vast numbers of the poor. Malthus thought that positive checks were essential to do that job. Before starvation set in, Malthus advised that steps be taken to help the positive checks to do their work. It is an evident truth that, whatever may be the rate of increase in the means of subsistence, the increase in population must be limited by it, at least after the food has been divided into the smallest shares that will support life.

All the children born, beyond what would be required to keep up the population to this level, must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the deaths of grown persons. To act consistently, therefore, we should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavouring to impede, the operation of nature in producing this mortality, and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use. Taking money from them to help the poor would deprive the world of culture. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Belknap Press, 2014.

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