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Mexican Americans to express pride in a shared cultural, ethnic and community identity. Chicano Movement, and still is viewed negatively by more conse

Mexican Americans to express pride in a shared cultural, ethnic and community identity. Chicano Movement, and still is viewed negatively by more conservative members of this community, but over time it has gained more acceptance as an identity of pride within the Mexican-American community in the United States. Ultimately, it was the experience of Mexican Americans in the Mexican american writer of fiction poetry and essays States which culminated in the creation of a Chicano identity. No particular explanation of the boat’s name is known.

The origin of the word “chicano” is disputed. Mayan, Zapotec, Mixtec, Huasteco, or any of hundreds of other indigenous groups. The Indians later referred to themselves as Meshicanos and even as Shicanos, thus giving birth to the term Chicano. Mayans, rather than the Aztec or Nahua people. This seems dubious, as the term is not frequently used other than in reference to Mexican Americans, is certainly not primarily used for Chilean-Americans. Thus far, explanations of the origins of the word remain inconclusive. This is an indication that the term originated as a self-identification.

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The term’s meanings are highly debatable, but self-described Chicanos view the term as a positive, self-identifying social construction. Regardless, its implications are subjective, but usually consist of one or more of the following elements. Chicano communities during the American civil rights movement. Chicano literature pre-dates the 1950s. Anglo-American youth revolt of the period, many Mexican-American university students came to participate in a crusade for social betterment that was known as the Chicano movement. They used Chicano to denote their rediscovered heritage, their youthful assertiveness, and their militant agenda. Though these students and their supporters used Chicano to refer to the entire Mexican-American population, they understood it to have a more direct application to the politically active parts of the Tejano community.

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