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The name Dawood Ibrahim is synonymous with Mumbai Underworld. However, he wasn’t the one who had laid the stepping stone of this dark world of danger

The name Dawood Ibrahim is synonymous with Mumbai Underworld. However, he wasn’t the one who had laid the stepping stone of this dark world of danger and deceit. Haji Mastan and My city mumbai essay Lala.

Karim Lala was the crime lord and one of the leaders of the Pathan Gang in the 1940s, when several of the Afghanistani migrants rushed into the city of Mumbai. They were all Pasthuns from the north eastern Kunar region of Afghanistan and Karim Lala leaded them at several occasions. Karim Lala originally known as Abdur Karim Sher Khan was a school drop out. He came to the mayanagri through Peshawar and started working in the Mumbai docks during the 40s. Lala was mainly involved in running liquor and gambling dens along with executing various kinds of illegal activities such as extortion and smuggling. Dawood indulged into Gang war with the Pathan gang after his brother Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar was killed by them in 1981 with the help of Manya Surve, a hired assassin. Karim Lala, being the senior most dons was always respected by everyone.

He died at the age of 90 in the year 2002. Haji Mastan commonly known as Sultan Mirza is a common and familiar name among the Indian masses as every third film in Bollywood is roughly made on him. Haji Mastan was not a dreaded don because never in his life he had killed anyone or shot a bullet on another. Born in 1926 in Madras Presidency, Haji Mastan originally known as Mastan Haider Mirza at the age of 8 migrated with his father in Mumbai. The father son duo ran a small cycle repairing shop in Crawford market which wasn’t enough to feed the family. 10 years later in the year 1944, Bawa joined Bombay docks as a porter and this changed his life forever. He worked in association with Karim Lala and by 1960s he became a rich man.

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He even started financing his money in Bollywood and became a film producer. Amitabh Bachchan whose character in Deewar was influenced by Mastan met him personally along with Salim. Being a film producer he had good relations with many of the stars of the yesteryears such as Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dharmendra, Firoze Khan and even Sanjeev Kumar. After coming out of the jail, Haji Mastan retired in the early 1980s and made Dawood Ibrahmin Kaskar, the lieutenant as his successor. Watching Bollywood movies I always thought Dawood killed Haji Mastan but in reality Dawood and his elder brother had killed Basu Dada, the don of Dongri and not Haji Mastan. He breathed his last in the year 1994. Though Haji Mastan wasn’t a dreadful criminal he gave birth to all the dreadful gangsters especially Dawood Ibrahim who became his successor and changed the face of the Indian Mafia once and for all.

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Development for all is the main election promise. On time-travelling to the innovative era in history, it can be clearly noticed that solely sowing the seed of an idea does not bring change or to say uplift the present from the past. It is necessary that an idea BE worked upon and executed proactively and efficiently, too. So another Jumla busted by the close aide of the Jumla master!