My trip to the zoo essay

Here we are, packing in the nice, my trip to the zoo essay, mellow sun. The sweet-scented flowers of May are blooming. The huge amount of supplies goe

Here we are, packing in the nice, my trip to the zoo essay, mellow sun. The sweet-scented flowers of May are blooming. The huge amount of supplies goes into the back of our big, white van. Everyone’s face has a sincerely eager smile.

I look at my mom’s smile, and I can swear that it’s as open as a crocodile’s. We’re taking a family trip down to Florida. All of us hop into the big, white van. I can hear anyone saying for the whole trip.

The trip is going to take forever! The van is all cramped and sweaty. I’m tossing and turning all the time. The trip is going to take all day, all night, and then some!

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