Science and ethics essay

This lesson introduces students to the ethical implications of using our growing knowledge about the human genome to improve our personal and public h

This lesson introduces students to the ethical implications of using our growing knowledge about the human genome to improve our personal and public health. This lesson offers activity ideas and discussion questions to facilitate students’ learning about the phases of the Moon. In science and ethics essay lesson, students explore how living things are affected by changes in the environment by studying the case of the snowshoe hare and how it’s impacted by climate change.

Why you sometimes feel a cold coming on, only to have the symptoms disappear the very next day. Race: Are We So Different? Prenatal Genetic Testing: Do You Really Want to Know Your Baby’s Future? What Choices Would You Make? Ethics and Reproductive Issues: The Dilemma of Choice What are your thoughts? To examine the ethical issues raised by three situations in which prenatal testing may be used to prevent or facilitate pregnancy.

The use of health technologies is an accepted phenomenon in our society. However, these technologies are associated with various controversies and questions that cannot be answered so easily. From an ethical standpoint, what does this type of information empower the parents of the child to do? What rights do parents have and what rights does the unborn child have? Students will examine viewpoints from several perspectives, including the mother, the genetic counselor, the doctor, a person living with a genetic disorder, and a religious figure.

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Students will divide themselves into groups per perspective. Within these groups, students will research their person’s perspective by going online, reading, and interviewing. Each group will present their researched point of view to the class. Students will be asked to consider numerous ethical issues related to genetic testing and will find that there are no easy answers. Ultimately, students will learn that making an ethical choice requires scientific knowledge and rational inquiry.

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