Short essay on vaccination

But it doesn't do any harm, right? Short essay on vaccination Singh tells us why. Adapted from "Trick or Treatment? When critics point out to politici

But it doesn’t do any harm, right? Short essay on vaccination Singh tells us why. Adapted from “Trick or Treatment? When critics point out to politicians or regulators that homeopathy is not backed by any good evidence and is just a placebo, one response is “What’s the harm?

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In other words, if the placebo effect is positive and the side effects are zero, then what’s wrong if people want to waste a bit of money on sugar pills? But is homeopathy really safe? Unfortunately, homeopathy can have surprising and dangerous side-effects. These have nothing to do directly with any particular homeopathic remedy, but rather they are an indirect result of what happens when homeopaths replace doctors as sources of medical advice.

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