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Bienvenue sur le site www. 1000 greatest films of all time which is considered to be one of the most respected slumdog millionaire essay conclusion polls all over the world. He arrives in the studio and practices his combat skills with sword props provided on the sets while waiting for the director and the crew. The debate turns into a mutual respect into each other, and impressed by Tamizhselvan’s skills, Anandan requests Tamizhselvan to write dialogues for him to recite during the audition.

With the help of Tamizhselvan’s dialogues, Anandan floors the director during the audition and is hired as the hero of the film. He even loses motivation and doesn’t act some parts out well, causing further demotion in his roles. Anandan also sends Pushpa back to her village due to his financial difficulties. At one of the shootings, Anandan is greeted by his mother and uncle with the news that Pushpa has died due to a freak accident in her house. Tamizhselvan travels down to console a grief-stricken Anandan of his wife’s death.

Anandan is elated and calls up Tamizhselvan, who abandons his pregnant wife while she is giving birth to rush to aid Anandan. He writes dialogues for Anandan once again and the movie starts rolling. The film receives tremendous response upon release and becomes a huge success, propelling Anandan into fame. At this time, Tamizhselvan encourages Anandan to use his popularity to help the party gain attention. Ramani comes to Anandan seeking refuge, and Anandan marries her. At this juncture, the party starts to contest in elections. Before elections, Ayya Veluthambi gives Anandan an important mantle in the party, and a seat to contest, much to the displeasure of Tamizhselvan, who thinks Anandan is just a film star, and is not exactly passionate about the party.

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But before the election, during a fine shoot, Anandan is shot in neck by a freak accident. 234 with both Anandan and Tamizhselvan winning from their respective constituencies as new MLAs by huge margins. Ayya Veluthambi denies the CM post, and Tamizhselvan is made CM, worth full support of Anandan, but from then Tamizhselvan starts to see Anandan as a threat to his chair. An infuriated Anandan chases the flamers away from his car, but has doubts in his mind nevertheless. Anandan finally asks Tamizhselvan for a health minister position, as he is an MLA, which Tamizhselvan refuses, by saying that he cannot pursue acting and hold any minister post simultaneously and he has to give up any one. That time, Ayya Veluthambi dies and Tamilselvan becomes supreme leader of the party.