The paranoid style in american politics and other essays

How the senator's new bill could destroy American Muslim the paranoid style in american politics and other essays and lead to the "wanton violation" o

How the senator’s new bill could destroy American Muslim the paranoid style in american politics and other essays and lead to the “wanton violation” of civil rights. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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A bill introduced this week by Sen. State Department to determine whether the Muslim Brotherhood is a foreign terrorist organization. American Muslim advocacy groups, a move that could prove disastrous for the civil rights of Muslims in this country. Muslim groups, have attempted to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terror organization. Ted Cruz talks with anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney after addressing the South Carolina National Security Action Summit on March 14, 2015. They have argued that a terror designation might needlessly complicate U. Middle Eastern countries where the brotherhood or its offshoots hold some level of influence.

Muslim Brotherhood had ties to extremism, it was not a terrorist group. American Muslim advocates contend that the real intent of Cruz’s bill has little to do with foreign policy. Rather, they argue, the legislation would enable the U. Muslim groups that Cruz and others earnestly believe are part of a massive, covert conspiracy to destroy the U. A 2001 executive order issued by President George W.

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Those being investigated can have their funds frozen and be subject to warrantless searches and asset seizures. The investigations can drag on for years, effectively shutting down the organization. Now Cruz’s legislation looks like another step along that road. It has everything to do with a widely debunked conspiracy theory that Muslim organizations are nefarious.

This initiative is concerned with controlling American Muslims, not with any issue pertaining to the Muslim Brotherhood in any practical or realistic sense. The Muslim Brotherhood affects CAIR the way a dust storm on Mars affects the weather in Washington, D. For years, anti-Muslim groups have claimed that CAIR, the country’s largest Muslim civil rights organization, and other pro-Islam groups in the U. Saylor vehemently denied that allegation on Wednesday. CAIR has never received funding from the brotherhood.