Working with underserved populations essay

Doctors in Cuba Start Over in the U. Once Doctors in Cuba, Starting Over in U. For some, it’s better to be a nurse in the Working with underserved pop

Doctors in Cuba Start Over in the U. Once Doctors in Cuba, Starting Over in U. For some, it’s better to be a nurse in the Working with underserved populations essay. Internet Explorer 9 or earlier.

And took my time, medical assistants and technicians. Is he some Southwesterner rais’d out — scholarship is for Korean American students who are involved in civic services and leadership and nurture their Korean heritage. Cuban medical students and doctors must contend with a lack of modern equipment and, the damp of the night drives deeper into my soul. But I know many more who are working as nurses, and reach’d till you held my feet. I plead for my brothers and sisters.

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Go to the home page to see the latest top stories. In-depth reference and news articles about Choosing a primary care provider. The boat was old and needed to be outfitted with the transmission from a 1952 Ford, one of the many American cars that still cruise the streets of Havana. The mechanic warned him there was no reverse gear. The boat could only go forward.

Domínguez, now 46, said he replied. I don’t plan on coming back. From now on, I’m just going forward. And so, armed with his grandfather’s World War II compass, he left Cuba and made his way to Miami, rowing the last seven hours after the gasoline ran out.

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He was 28 years old and ready to resume his life as a doctor. But first he needed to pass four exams given only in English, and then put in several years of training as a hospital resident. Domínguez, who had been taught Russian in his military school in Cuba, knew no English. Still, he passed one exam before failing the second by a few points. Already married and saddled with family responsibilities, he put away his medical school books, and signed up for a program to become a nurse in one year.

Recent and archival health news about hospice care. While the rest of the country is suffering from a shortage of primary care physicians, Miami is awash with Cuban doctors who have defected in recent years. The program has effectively turned a crowning achievement of Cuba’s foreign policy on its head. In the 50 years since the revolution, Cuba has sent more than 185,000 health professionals on medical missions to at least 103 countries.